NEW! BRV-HP30 High Profile Digital Scale with ClearShield

Introducing our new addition to the exciting BRAVO! digital scale line from Edlund. Our BRV-HP30 model takes electronic portion/light receiving scales to new heights with more features and functions than competitive products, like 5 display options, extra-large LED readouts, 10 programmable memory buttons, almost 10”x 9” removable stainless steel platform, and built-in carrying handles for secure transport around the kitchen. It’s great for weighing items in the walk-in, and its 3 color LED indicator lights let you know immediately if your portion sizes are correct, over, or under their target weights. Its IP54 rating provides splash proof protection and our exclusive ClearShield™™ protective cover provides added protection and easy clean-up.
With all these features, the BRV-HP30 will have you shouting BRAVO! every day!

• Display options (30lb x 0.1oz, 480oz x 0.1oz, 480oz x 1/8oz, 15000g x 2g, 30lb x 0.005lb
• Large 7 Segment RED LED display (4.5” x 1.75”)
• IP 54 Rating Splash-proof
• Exclusive ClearShield™ cover protects display and scale housing from liquid damage
• 3 color indicators (Red/Green/Yellow) for Over/Accept/Under feature
•10 (RGB) LED’S surrounding display for Over/Accept/Under feature. Over function flashes
•10 Quick set memory buttons (M0~M9)
• 4 Easy to use buttons (on/tare, mode/calibrate, zero, off)
• NSF Certified
• UL/CUL/CE approved dual voltage power supply (110VAC~240VAC 50-60HZ) or 8 AA batteries (Batteries included)
• Side mounted power jack with plug protects internal components from moisture damage
• Auto-shut-off feature
• Extra-large 9.64” x 8.71”removeable stainless steel platform for easy cleaning
• Perfect for weighing items in the walk-in (operating temperature 32-104˚F)
• Built in carrying handles
• Field re-calibratable
• Not legal for trade
• Designed by Edlund engineers and built exclusively for Edlund
• Patent Pending