Can Crushers

Our powerful CH-5000 unit will crush up to 10 cans per minute to a thickness of approximately
11/ 4 ′′ and automatically drop the can into a receptacle. The cylinder recycles automatically. The cabinet and crusher box can be thoroughly cleaned.

Our CA-3000 Air Powered Can Crusher is smaller than the Hydraulic, but just as powerful.
The CA-3000T will crush taller cans. Operates on 85 P.S.I. min. with 8-10 C.F.M.

Our CM-1000 manually operated crushers will flatten all sizes of open cans up to #10’s and reduce volume by 85%.
No removal of the can bottom is required and even #10’s take just two strokes.


CM-1000 S/S

CM-1000PB S/S

Model Description Product
Case Weight
CH-5000 Electric Hydraulic Can Crusher (115 Volt, 20 Amp) 78000 3.3/.1 1 170/76.5
CH-5000 Electric Hydraulic Can Crusher (220 Volt, 12 Amp) 78200 3.3/.1 1 170/76.5
CA-3000 Air Powered Can Crusher measures 71/2′′ H x 9′′ W x 26′′ L For #10 cans or smaller 77000 3/.09 1 108.5/48.8
CA-3000T Air Powered Can Crusher measures 71/2′′ H x 9′′ W x 30′′ L For taller international cans 77099 3/.09 1 108.5/48.8
CM-1000 S/S Heavy Duty Manual Can Crusher all stainless steel table model. (Must be securely mounted to a reinforced table. Table should be secured to floor or wall.) 75100 2.7/.08 1 65/29.3
CM-1000PB S/S Pedestal Mounting Base for CM-1000 S/S. All stainless steel. (Unit must be secured to floor. Mounting bolts supplied.) 75300 1.3/.04 1 40/18
CM-1000WM S/S Wall Mount Model in all stainless steel (must be mounted to solid wall structure) 75400 2.7/.08 1 75/33.8
  Note: Edlund can crushers are designed for crushing #10 cans (63⁄16′′/157 mm) or smaller.