U Series Manual Can Opener

Edlund now offers the Universal Series Manual Can Openers. These can openers offer substantial improvements over our popular #1® and #2® models. The U-12 includes many of the same design features as our S-11 standard openers, with quick change gear, stainless steel shaft and pull pin for easy blade replacement. The base design features a replaceable insert for a tighter fit and easier slide action. Other base options are also available. NSF Certified.

Model Description Product
Case Weight
U-12 Quick change NSF can opener with standard length bar and new plated base 14100 3.3/0.1 3 21/9.5
U-12WB NSF Opener without base 14000 3.3/0.1 3 21/9.5
U-12S NSF Opener with stainless steel base 14200 3.3/0.1 3 21/9.5
U-12C NSF Opener with cast stainless steel clamp base 14010 3.3/0.1 3 22/9.9
U-12L NSF Opener with long bar and plated steel base 14500 3.3/0.1 3 22/9.9
U-12SL NSF Opener with long bar and stainless steel base 14600 3.3/0.1 3 22/9.9
U-12CL NSF Opener with long bar and cast stainless steel clamp base 14300 3.3/0.1 3 23/10.4