Digital Scale Parts

This is a listing of the most frequently ordered parts for Edlund Products. For a complete parts manual please call the factory.

Part Description Part Number
Power Supply: for WSC/EDL Scales (115/230 Dual Voltage) S549
Power Supply: for LFT/EF/PE and DS Scales (115/230V Dual Voltage) S549
Power Supply: for ERS/WRD/EPZ Scales PS5006
Power Supply: for LP-130/330 (115V) S620
Power Supply: for E-160/E-80/E-818 (115V) S199
E-160/E-818/E-80 Oversized Platform A765
E-160/E-818/E-80 French Fry Platform A765B
E-160/E-818/E-80 Ice Cream Platform A765C
DS-2/10 Oversized Platform A770
DS-2 Calibration Weights Series I W101
DS-10 Calibration Weights Series I W102
EDL-10/DS-10 Weights Series II W0944M