SG-2 NSF Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener

For operators who only require a lighter duty manual can opener but want full stainless steel protection, Edlund introduces the SG-2 Model. The flagship of our popular G-2 Series Openers, this new model is all stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and features our patented quick change knife and gear system, and comes with a full two year warranty. A great opener for a Global Marketplace.

Model Description Product
Case Weight
SG-2 NSF Stainless Opener with standard bar and stainless base 13100 3.3/0.1 3 18/8.1
SG-2C NSF Stainless Opener with stainless clamp base 13200 3.3/0.1 3 20/9
SG-2L NSF Stainless Opener with long bar and stainless base 13300 3.3/0.1 3 20/9
SG-2CL NSF Stainless Opener with long bar and stainless clamp base 13400 3.3/0.1 3 22/9.8