Crown Punch Can Openers

Open cans with a single stroke! All models are tooled complete with knife and guard ring locator for one standard size #10 round can. Please provide us with specific can size information when ordering. See standard tooling chart below. Crown punches feature a “quick change” option for other size cans.
All Crown Punch Models are USDA accepted.

Note: Clean dry air required for all pneumatic Crown Punches.




Model Description Product
Case Weight
700SS MANUAL CROWN PUNCH All Stainless Steel Including Mechanism Recommended for up to 200 cans per day. (Comes with standard A756 blade) 70100 3.0/.09 1 44/18.7
700T MANUAL CROWN PUNCH For extra large cans. (Custom tooling required. Sold separately)** 70200 12.6/.36 1 142/63.9
610 AIR POWERED CROWN PUNCH Standard model for cans up to 11′′ high Recommended for up to 400 cans per day. Requires 85 P.S.I. at 11⁄2 –2 C.F.M. 61000 2.4/.07 1 55/24.8
610M AIR POWERED CROWN PUNCH with magnetic lid remover for up to 400 cans per day. 61400 12.6/.36 1 90/40.58
  EXTRA “J” BLADE* (All Stainless Steel) recommended at time of purchase. Not for 700. A756J   1 2/.9
Caution: Do not sharpen Crown Punch Blades. Blades are intentionally dull to provide a smooth can edge. Reconditioning is available through factory.        
  * Note: New! “J” blade design now provides a smooth seam on inside edge of can. (Not recommended for 700SS.)        
  **Note: Sample cans required for custom tooling, contact factory for details.