Compact Series Stainless Steel Mechanical Scales

Edlund’s Compact Series scales have the same all-stainless steel body and internal mechanisms as our Premier Scales but in a more compact size. These scales are available in rotating or fixed dial models and feature removable platforms for weighing tacos, french fries or measuring ice cream overruns. Now NSF Certified. Made in U.S.A.

Model Description Product
Case Weight
SSR-16 Rotating Dial, Compact (16 oz. x 1⁄4 oz.) 46200 1.8/.05 6 12/5.4
SS-16 Fixed Dial, Compact (16 oz. x 1⁄4 oz.) 46010 1.8/.05 6 12/5.4
SS-16 O Fixed Dial, Compact with Oversized Platform 46020 1.8/.05 6 12/5.4
SS-16 P Fixed Dial, Compact with French Fry/Taco Platform 46030 1.8/.05 6 12/5.4
SSC-16 Fixed Dial, Compact Ice Cream Scale (16 oz.) Pints 46110 1.8/.05 6 12/5.4