New! Smart Tong Holders

Our revolutionary new stainless steel Smart Tong HoldersTM are the fastest and easiest way to store and access most any size tong while keeping the paddles clean and sanitary in a busy foodservice kitchen. Designed specifically for Edlund stainless steel spring tongs, our wall mounted tong holders automatically locate the tongs in an ergonomic open position within easy reach for quick access and use in the perfect gripping position. Operators who prefer to use locking tongs can also store our 16” locking tongs in the closed position, perfect for turning steaks, fish, and chicken on the grill without the extra step of opening or closing the locking feature. With 6 capacities to choose from, the NEW! Smart Tong Holders from Edlund…are the smartest way to improve your hold on kitchen productivity.


• Exclusive auto-locating design
• All stainless steel construction
• Six models/capacities to choose from
• Removable wall mount units are dishwasher safe
• Unique storage and access position prevents contamination of the food contact area of the paddle
• Made in the USA

Model Description Product
Case Weight
STH-1 Smart Tong Hole with 1 unit capacity 36910 .11/.003 1 .80/.37
STH-2 Smart Tong Hole with 2 unit capacity 36920 .11/.003 1 .95/.43
STH-3 Smart Tong Hole with 3 unit capacity 36930 .21/.006 1 1.50/.68
STH-4 Smart Tong Hole with 4 unit capacity 36940 .21/.006 1 1.75/.80
STH-5 Smart Tong Hole with 5 unit capacity 36950 .30/.009 1 2.50/1.14
STH-6 Smart Tong Hole with 6 unit capacity 36960 .30/.009 1 3.00/1.36