Knife Sanitizing Systems

An Edlund exclusive! Our KSS-5050 knife sanitizing system provides a complete method of liquid sanitizing, air drying, and storage of knives. The liquid sanitizing tank allows for submersion of the entire blade, thus ensuring complete sanitizing. The built-in KR-50R knife rack provides the facility for air drying and safe storage of knives. The stainless steel back plate provides a secure mounting method to a wall stud.

The KSR-5000 liquid sanitizing rack is convenient for those operators already using Edlund wall mounted knife racks.

Features For You:

  • NSF Certified
  • Fully enclosed in stainless steel for increased sanitation
  • Optional drainage tube
  • Removable inserts and tank for easy cleaning
  • Made in U.S.A.

60 seconds of contact with liquid fully sanitizes knives.

KSR-5000 Knife Sanitizing Rack

Knife Sanitizer comes apart for easy cleaning.

Model Description Product
Case Weight
KSS-5050 DT Knife sanitizing system with easy drain tube 39051 2.4/.07 1 14/6.4
KSS-5050 Knife sanitizing system 39050 2.4/.07 1 14/6.4
KSR-5000 Knife sanitizing rack 39000 1.1/.03 1 6/2.7