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Our model 401 is NSF Certified and has a pop-out, easy to clean and replaceable knife guidance system. Electric knife sharpener has a precision guidance system to maintain perfect edge, ABS plastic knife guide for easier cleaning and ease of operation. Knife guide allows knife heel to be inserted closer to stone to maximize sharpening area. Sharpens knives from 3⁄16 of an inch to cleaver blades. Grinding wheel assembly is replaceable.

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Model No. Description Product
390 Grinding Wheel Assembly for Model 390 A531 1 2/.9
395 Electric Knife Sharpener 115 Volt 39600 1.1/.03 3 31/13.9
395 Electric Knife Sharpener 230 Volt (for U.S. Specifications only) 39700 1.1/.03 3 31/13.9
395 Replacement Grinding Wheel Assembly A526 1 2/.9
401 NSF Electric Knife Sharpener w/ Removable Guidance System 115 Volt 40010 1.1/.03 3 31/13.9
401 NSF Electric Knife Sharpener w/ Removable Guidance System 230 Volt ( for U.S. Specifications only) 40099 1.1/.03 3 31/13.9
401 Replacement Grinding Wheel Assembly A526SSP 1 2/.9